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(formerly bougieman & romneysbutt)
I'm Alex. Bored and uncool (yet totally adorable) political nerd. Double majoring in poli sci and sociology with two minors in anthropology and economics. Check my "About" for more info.
This blog is full of news, international relations, selfies, politics, and Avatar/Legend of Korra.
I also run this! (For the fellow commies).
☭ Full communism or bust.☭

Hanging w my sweetpea <3 #pups


I’m also really glad my sister’s at that age where she understands horrible jokes lmfao we tell each other dick jokes all the time and I complain to her about being queer in the world and she tells me she hates Macklemore bc he’s not only “hurting” me and our friends, he’s the “worst ever. Why do white rappers exist? Does he think he’s king of the gays?” Like how did I get so fucking lucky 

I can’t wait until she’s older we’re gonna get drunk together and do fun shit like scream at people in Czech

My sister is so great oh my god I’m so fortunate to have her and I’m so glad my parents tried forever for her

I can’t believe how much she’s grown; she’s almost as tall as me! Her hair, once golden and straight, is coming in brown and curly; she has my mom’s little nose.

I’m almost crying because it feels like yesterday, I was laying my head on my mom’s stomach and she decided to fetus-kick my head really hard.

fire-lord-frowny replied to your post: We’re both drawing ATLA/LOK art and ju…

I want a baby sister too can we share her please


And whenever I have kids, you can hang w them too

Okay also I have to tell you something about my sister: she asks me for politically correct information, especially when it pertains to her history class. She goes to an advanced charter school, so she’s actually learned about multiple genocides and how the founding white men were pieces of shit.

So, they were discussing how Mexico was basically Arizona, and her “old and white and dumb man history teacher” kept referring to Latin@ folks as “Hispanic.” So I explained to her that Latino@ people prefer being referred to as Latin@, and I told her the history behind the word “Hispanic.”

So she calls out her history teacher for using inappropriate language when referring to the Latin@ populations and he fucking kicked her out of the class.

And you know what? I am so proud of her. She stood up for what she knew was right; she knew how to calmly and politely point out a mistake.

But yeah long story short her history teacher is now the reason why she hates white men (particularly the older ones).

We’re both drawing ATLA/LOK art and just whispering "white boy can’t jump" over and over again oh my fucking god what are we

Keep in mind: my sister is fucking 12.

I was watching American Ninja Warrior with my family and the whole time my sister and I were screaming “WHITE BOY CAN’T JUMP! WHITE BOY CAN’T JUMP!!!” and then we would fucking cackle whenever the white boy would fall

Take away all of my art supplies omfg help

Also they are fully grown adults here in their 20’s and are totally mature yep just Sokka and Katara being super mature

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